Retail Security

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Reliable Retail Security Solutions

Ensuring you have a robust retail security solution in place from an expert security company is an effective way to keep your stock safe from thieves and vandals whilst keeping your customers and employees safe. This is why here at Keep Safe & Secure, we have a range of retail security services and loss prevention methods to ensure you are never the victim.

Our retail security services are designed with you and your needs in mind. Providing that visual deterrence your store needs and a watchful eye over your stock, we will equip you with professional security guards or even discreet store detectives that are capable of handling and diffusing any suspicious activity and if needs be detaining any criminals until the authorities arrive.

Whether you need a one off cover or a long term tailored security solution, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Our Featured Services

Manned and Static Retail Security

Keep Safe & Secure has a team of dedicated retail guards with years of experience working in the industry alongside supermarkets and big-name retailers.

Our manned guards will act as your eyes and ears on your shop floor, giving your front of house a visual deterrent and your customers the view that your store is well protected.

If shoplifting or any other suspicious activity does occur, you can rest assured that the situation will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum disruption to your customers and your retail business

Mobile Retail Security Patrols

If you’re looking for retail security that goes further than the shop floor, look no further than Keep Safe & Secure who will go above and beyond to protect every inch of your premises.

For larger facilities such as shopping centres and retail parks, you may need security that goes beyond a fixed location. That’s where our experienced mobile guards come in, delivering extensive coverage to ensure total security across your entire site.

CCTV Installation & Surveillance

Keep Safe & Secure can provide your retail facility with a full CCTV package from bespoke installation to round-the-clock monitoring services, all carried out by fully trained, qualified and professional security staff.

As well as providing an effective visual deterrent, it can also be used as a platform for first response: depending on your level of service, officers monitoring your site will immediately deploy security personnel or alert police of an intrusion.

We will work together to tailor the best strategy that will work for you. 

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Whether your security requirements are long-term or temporary, you have one or multiple sites, we can tailor a solution that works for you. To take full advantage of our services, why not contact us today for a free no obligation quote and find out in more detail what we can do to keep your construction site safe.