Public Sector

Get highly professional and customer friendly Security professionals that will keep you, your people and your assets safe!

Reliable Security Guards and Officers

Manned guarding remains one of the most effective security measures, acting
as a highly visible deterrent to protect your building site and your staff.

Whether you’re looking for reliable gatehouse security for an industrial facility or you require professionals to control access to a busy corporate office, our highly experienced guards will take care of your concerns. Their dual role capabilities, such as performing risk assessment and health and safety checks, mean we can tailor our manned security solutions to suit a whole range of needs.

Offering much more than a simple security presence and the odd patrol, Keep Safe & Secure’s manned security guards take a proactive and professional approach so you get the results you want.

Whether you need a one off cover or a long term tailored security solution, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Our Featured Services

Health Care Security Services

Keep Safe & Secure has a team of dedicated security professionals with years of experience working in the industry alongside health professionals.

Our manned guards are highly trained in protecting not only the patients and visitors but also the healthcare professionals who put themselves out there to save lives. Whether it is a one off cover or a full security solution, we’ve got your back!

Educational Institutions Security Services

If you’re looking for security services for your educational institution, we are your best bet. Our professionals strive to keep students, staff and visitors safe. With high training from first aid to fire safety, we will keep you safe!

For larger facilities such as university campuses and accommodations, you may need security that goes beyond a fixed location. That’s where our experienced mobile guards come in, delivering extensive coverage to ensure total security across your entire institution.

Local Government Services

Our local government security officers can deter unwanted visitors and spot any suspicious activity which may occur. We can deploy static and mobile patrols to monitor your premises to ensure maximum protection for all.

Our local government security team will respond to alarms promptly and ensure that valuables and equipment are safely stored and secure.

We will work together to tailor the best strategy that will work for you. 

Looking for a Reliable Public Sector Security Company?

We understand what it takes to safeguard vulnerable sites in the public sector industry. It requires not only effective safety procedures, but sensitivity and empathy for employees and members of the public. If you are looking to hire public sector security today, browse through our service specific offerings for the safety that your residents and employees deserve.