Protection of the Public Policy

KEEP SAFE & SECURE LTD recognises its responsibility to the wider community and the role
it has to play in protecting the public.
All of our officers are empowered to report suspicious activity and behaviour to the police.
There is also an expectation that if in the course of their day to day duties our officers see
evidence of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour they will either report it directly to the
local police or do so via their control centre. In the event that they do identify such incidents
the officers are instructed they must not put themselves at risk of harm or injury. The
officers have also received a similar instruction if they identify vulnerable people that may
require protection to ensure their safety.
Members of the management team will encourage all employees to get awareness
training in Project Argus. This is a NaCTSO (The National Counter Terrorism Security Office)
led initiative which asks businesses and other organisations to consider their preparedness
for terrorist attack. It explores what is likely to happen in the event of a terrorist attack and
identifies the measures that can assist in preventing, handling and recovering from such an
Our Security Guards are trained to identify vulnerable people and know what steps to take
to protect them. The aim is to enable Security staff to support police in taking an active role
in ensuring the safety of the public.

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