Environmental Policy

KEEP SAFE & SECURE LTD wishes to ensure their employees that we minimize any negative
impact our operations could potentially have on the environment.

Accordingly, our policy is to:

  1. Always strive to better our performance regarding environmental issues and use the
    best environmental management practices as part of our business operations.
  2. Try to minimize our use of resources and to attempt to efficiently use those
    resources that we must consume.
  3. Attempt to reduce our carbon footprint to comply with our targeted objectives.
  4. Responsibly apply the principles of waste reduction, waste reuse and waste recycling
    as per our waste management practices.
  5. Try to prevent pollution at our premises and work sites.
  6. Take environmental issues and energy performance into account in facility
    purchases, design, refurbishment and management.
  7. Take environmental issues, including climate change, into account when buying
    services and goods.
  8. Obey all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

The company monitors progress on these goals, seeks feedback from employees and
customers on these issues, and informs employees about the importance of environmental
issues. We work with our employees, service partners, landlords and their agents and
customers to improve our performance on environmental issues. We take sustainability and
other environmental issues into account when providing security services.

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