Protect your construction site with our reliable, cost effective and professional Construction Security Solutions

Reliable Construction Security

Keep Safe & Secure can provide you with best bespoke solutions to safeguard your building site and your staff from harm. We provide quality tailored solutions that not only deter crime from happening on your premises, but also keep the cost of doing this low.

Whether you need a one off cover or a long term tailored security solutions, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Our Featured Services FOR Construction SITES


Manned guarding is still one of the most effective security measures, acting as a highly-visible deterrent to ensure the protection of your construction site and your personnel.

At Keep Safe & Secure, we  provide highly experienced manned construction guards with specialist skills, First Aid certified and trained to SIA standards.

Our dedicated team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property and equipment are protected at all times.

Construction Mobile Security Patrols

Keep Safe & Secure can provide you with mobile security patrol units that go further than just a fixed location to protect every inch of your property.  With building developments being a magnet to break ins, we will be able to deter crime from happening on your sites with our highly visible mobile patrol units.

CCTV Installation & Surveillance

Keep Safe & Secure can provide your construction site with a full CCTV package from bespoke installation to round-the-clock monitoring services, all carried out by fully trained, qualified and professional security staff.

As well as providing an effective visual deterrent, it can also be used as a platform for first response: depending on your level of service, officers monitoring your site will immediately deploy security personnel or alert police of an intrusion.

We will work together to tailor the best strategy that works for you. 

Looking for a Reliable Construction Security Solutions?​

Whether your security requirements are long-term or temporary, you have one or multiple sites, we can tailor a solution that works for you. To take full advantage of our services, why not contact us today for a free no obligation quote and find out in more detail what we can do to keep your construction site safe.