Child Protection Policy and Policy Statement

1.1 Introduction

Children, young people, and anyone who is particularly vulnerable are entitled to encounter
a safe and enjoyable environment at social and educational organised events. Our company
recognises its legal and moral duty to see to it that we provide these people with the best
possible care when we are the security provider at such events.
We are dedicated to adopting and carrying out policies that mandate that all security
personnel understand their strict obligation to protect children from abuse or other harm
our personnel are required to follow our procedures adopted to protect children and to
report any abuse of similar problems to the authorities.
At both indoor and outdoor functions and events, in the course of providing security
services, we always strive to protect children, young people and others particularly
vulnerable against abuse or harm. We endeavour to educate and train both employees and
any volunteer security personnel to carry out this mission and be prepared to address
specific child protection issues.
Each of our employees who perform security functions are fully licensed and trained by the
Security Industry Authority, government initiated regulatory body for the security industry.
The Children’s Act of 1989 defines a child/young person as anyone under the age of 18.
Children’s Act 1989).


1.2 Policy Statement

We believe that:

•Nothing is more important than the welfare of a child.

•Every child, regardless of gender, age, culture, ability, language, racial origin, sexual
identity or religious belief and/or sexual identity is entitled to a safe and fun environment in
which to pursue their religious, pleasure oriented or educational interests.

•It is our duty to protect children from degrading treatment, discrimination and other forms
of harm through all possible measures. We endeavor to respect children’s’ feelings, wishes,
and rights.

•We must take seriously and investigate thoroughly all allegations or suspicions of abuse of
or poor practices aimed at children and will promptly involve the authorities in any such

•All our employees may, from time to time, with children while providing security services.
Therefore, they are all screened and CRB checked as required by Security Industry Authority
regulations. We provide all such employees with training and additional guidance
concerning child protection measures to be taken. The CRB check and any screenings of
employees are carried out by independent personnel not directed by the company.

•To be effective in protecting children, we must work in cooperation with event organisers,
stakeholders, parents and children.

1.3 Monitoring and reviewing the policy and procedures
Child protection measures and procedures must be periodically reviewed and monitored. A
regular report must be given to management concerning this by the Managing Director.
The implementation of procedures should be regularly monitored and reviewed. The
Managing Director should regularly report progress, challenges, difficulties, achievement
gaps and areas where changes are required to the KEEP SAFE & SECURE LTD management
This policy must be subject to overall review at least every three years or whenever the law
or this organisation undergoes a major change.

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